After Yosmayri suffered a traumatic acid burn to her esophagus, she was unable to swallow or eat normally. She required advanced surgery at Shriner’s Burn Hospital in Boston, and CFOH was able to get her to the care that she needed to have hope for a healthy tomorrow. Yosmayri’s mother, Marisol, summed up her gratitude in this letter we received:

To CFOH, American Airlines, and Shriners,

There are no words to describe the high degree of gratitude that I have.

To say “thank you” is not enough but I can ask God to pour infinite blessings so that this project goes forward and can continue to grow more and more, so that other children can see that there is a way to start a new tomorrow full of happiness.

Today after three years without being able to pass anything through her esophagus, without being able to feel taste in her mouth, without being able to eat, my dream that she could eat again has come true. Thanks to all who made this possible. I want God to bless you, and give you a long life. And to protect you in everything on your way.

Thanks for everything,
Marisol, Yosmayri’s Mom

Stories of Hope

The greatest reward for CFOH is hearing the stories of the families weve helped.

They are stories of courage, of compassion, of love, and - most certainly - of hope.