During this time of year, we are busy and often in a hurry, but the winter holidays and coming new year also allow us to reflect on the ones we love, and at times, those we have lost.

Laurie Noto-Estep knows all too well this practice as she remembers her daughter Kristy, who passed away almost 25 years ago due to complications from a devastating car accident. Kristy, who survived the crash initially, but was left severely disabled, needed specialized care to help her recover and live as normal of a life as possible. The only problem was the treatment facility was in Florida, nearly 600 miles away from their North Carolina Home. The cost and burden of travel meant treatment was just out of reach, leaving Laurie and Kristy feeling hopeless. In this darkest of moments, Laurie was introduced to a new NC based nonprofit, Children’s Flight of Hope, and in 1991 Al Wethington and professional golfer Bobby Clampett flew Kristy and her mom in what was the organization’s first flight. On that fateful day, Kristy was given more than just a flight, she was also given the gift of hope.

The advanced medical care for children like Kristy is often only available at a few hospitals in the country. For many, the burden of travel costs and logistics keep it out of reach, leaving families feeling hopeless. Since then, CFOH has provided thousands of flights for children here at home and across the world. This year alone, almost 1,000 flights were purchased for families in need of accessing medical care for their child. But the need continues to grow. As an independently funded nonprofit, we can’t meet the demand without you! YOU can help children like Kristy get the care they need by donating to Children’s Flight of Hope.

Parents like Laurie often say that CFOH gives them peace in knowing they have done all they can to provide the best care possible for their child. Your gift will help provide life-changing flights and give HOPE to families when they need it most. Remembering the impact CFOH made on their lives, Laurie raised and donated over $500 to help other families in need.  Please consider making a gift to help parents like Laurie get the care their child needs, no matter the distance. Join us in honoring Kristy’s life and the first CFOH flight that started it all.

Stories of Hope

The greatest reward for CFOH is hearing the stories of the families weve helped.

They are stories of courage, of compassion, of love, and - most certainly - of hope.


Luz and Veronica